Hazel & Katniss & Harry & Starr

Sept & Oct 2020 Forecast

Episode Summary

As we head into fall, it's time to select our most anticipated books and texts for September & October. It's our least downloaded episode of the quarter!

Episode Notes

Right off the top, we're super excited for Michelle Latimer's Trickster (click for the trailer), an adaptation of Eden Robinson's Son of a Trickster.


  1. Punching the Air by Ibi Zoboi and Yusef Salaam, Exonerated Five (Sept 1)
  2. Charming as a Verb by Ben Phillipe (Sept 8)
  3. Thoughts and Prayers by Bryan Bliss (Sept 29)

Honourable mentions: bookstore theme! 


  1. Never Look Back by Lilliam Rivera (Sept 15)
  2. Early Departures by Justin A. Reynolds (Sept 22)
  3. I Hope You’re Listening by Tom Ryan (Oct 6)

Honourable Mentions: 

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