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No Good Nick feat. Lucia Lorenzi

Episode Summary

What happens when you cross a multi-cam family sitcom - complete with laugh track - with a story about grifting, child abuse and trauma? Apparently you get Netflix's No Good Nick!

Episode Notes

After bringing this bizarre oddity to our attention, we invite returning guest Lucia Lorenzi to chat with us about just what creators Keetgi Kogan and David H. Steinberg are trying to do with the series (spoiler: they think they're making ground breaking television). 

Nothing about this makes sense, and yet the series is compulsively watchable thanks to performances by Siena Agudong, Melissa Joan Hart and Sean Astin (alas they're all performing in completely different shows!). Throw in hugely problematic portrayals of child abuse, horrible foster care, jailhouse beat-downs, upper/middle class privilege, and the show's performative us of "Italian" as a tactic to avoid addressing race and No Good Nick is quite possibly the weirdest text we've ever covered!

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